Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quiet Cool (1986)

Dir. Clay Borris

Quiet Cool Is beyond roguish. This movie defines roguishness. It's about a kid whose parents get murdered when they stumble upon a weed growing operation while camping. The kid spends the next few months living in the same woods trying to figure out a way to get revenge on the weed-growing gangsters who killed his folks. Enter James Remar. He's a cop who is sent on a special mission to bust the gangsters. He meets up with the kid who helps him get at the crooks. In one scene, Remar's character jousts a guy with a pipe while riding his motorcycle. The begining of this movie has a scene involving a purse-snatching rollerskater and a motorcycle being ridden onto the subway train that has to be seen to be believed. One of the best 80's action movies ever. Available on VHS in the action section at I Luv Video on Airport.

Fuck it, here's the rollerskater scene,

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  1. My boy, Tony VHS, screened this one for me a while back. Total score.