Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blood Of Dracula's Castle (1967)

Dir. Al Adamson

This is definitely one of my favorite Al Adamson movies. It's got a psycopath, a giant hunchback freak, John Carradine as a butler, and some phenomenal sets. A lot of time is spent on long shots of stuff that's essentially filler footage, but it's shot in such a great locale that it's not difficult at all to deal with. Al Adamson got lots of shots of nature and sunsets in these films. He liked to film beautiful images of sunlight sparkling on lakes. His use of simple, and beautiful shots like these seriously add to the vibe of his films. The plot revolves around the hunchback kidnapping girls to keep as slaves in the dungeon of Dracula's castle. The girls routinely have blood extracted from their bodies to make cocktails for Dracula and his wife. A psychopath who works for the family runs around a lot randomly killing people for some reason. This movie goes way out into the stratosphere and turns into some hyper-layered experiment into the boundry definitions of so-called low budget horror movies. 70's television maybe unconsciously owes a lot to Adamson movies like these. They're bursting with creativity, and prove that low budget movies back then were often times the most inventive. This DVD is also part of the Rhino "Horrible Horror Vol. 2" box set of Crown International movies.

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